DBC International (DBC) casts quality components utilizing its partnerships, engineering-oriented management and strategic focus. Our expertise allows us to manufacture customer-specific designs at competitive prices. There is a growing trend for OEM customers, aftermarket groups and large distributors to outsource their components in order to focus on profitability, customer loyalty, and brand recognition. By allowing DBC to handle outsourcing and logistics, OEM customers, aftermarket groups and large distributors have the ability to focus on core business needs. Our strong engineering and metallurgical process experience are consistently relied upon by leading OEM companies.
We understand and service the needs of OEM and other unique businesses that want to procure vehicle components of their own design and/or name. Our processing expertise includes:
  • Metal casting
  • Stamping
  • Machining
  • Powder metallurgy
  • Forging
  • Rolling
  • Assembly designed to save cost for customers
DBC focuses on specialty automotive and heavy-duty components for trucks, trailers, buses, and off-highway equipment. We have understanding of the customers and their needs for private label in heavy-duty wheel-end components (brake drums, hubs, rotors and assemblies).
Our value-added services include :
  • Cost effective procurement strategies with global manufacturers
  • Application of manufacturing skills from over 50 years of domestic manufacturing
  • Metallurgical component processing
  • Component design and testing
  • Manufacturing processes and quality systems
  • Logistical management of on-time deliveries
  • Management strategies that can be applied beyond wheel-end components
Private label parts are generally needed by large OEMs that want to focus on establishing brand recognition and/or reducing costs. However, specialty part producers, large distributors and buying groups are also getting into private labels for their parts. DBC management is committed to serving all its customers with total dedication and commitment.