DBC has extensive experience in foundry engineering, foundry process and production management both in the United States and abroad. Our strength primarily lies in engineered ferrous castings (ductile iron, gray iron, and various steels). Molding can be done in either green sand (jolt-squeeze or high-pressure molding lines) or resin-bonded sand. For melting, we primarily use induction furnaces for its homogenous and consistent metallurgy. Where high attention to detail is required, DBC provides investment castings



DBC will supply engineered forgings in applications that require high strength and wear resistance characteristics.


DBC has seen an increase in stamped parts due to the reduction in processing cost of stamped parts and the increase in versatility of designs that can now be stamped.


CNC machines are used for precision, quality and consistency in volume production.


DBC can produce rolled steel parts in instances where stamping is not an option due to part geometry.


DBC uses steel-based powder metallurgy for applications in which other processes are not suitable for production due to high precision and/or unique economic considerations.


DBC provides full or partial assembly services that include: assembling components made by the above processes and utilizing welding, pressing, bolting, and other assembly methods to reduce our customer’s costs.