DBC is well poised to serve the heavy and medium-duty truck, trailer, bus and off highway equipment with quality component manufacturing at lower costs and overheads. Our actual long-term engineering and manufacturing experience with wheel-end components can easily be extended to automotive and other machinery component production.

Engineering is a common strength among DBC managers in addition to other skills in management and customer service. DBC has been involved in designing engineered castings for several decades. These generally involve reverse engineering and sometimes a unique design for a unique need. With 60 plus years of engineering experience under our belt we are confident about applying our engineering strengths for sourcing private label components

Global sourcing

Global economy is a fact of life today. No longer can we be isolated and be confined to our borders. The world is rapidly shrinking philosophically to improve the standards of living in poorer countries. Low cost labor from poorer countries with growing demands from developed countries and underdeveloped countries are tools for dealing with inflation and peace.

DBC has proudly led the way with this thinking by sourcing and manufacturing from labor rich countries such as China, India and other Asian and South American countries. We have used our engineering, management and logistical skills to give our customers the necessary solutions. Our manufacturing skills and on-site monitoring have benefited the quality expectations. We are convinced that a well selected manufacturing plant in a less developed country with right resources can produce better parts than in a developed country. Some less developed countries now with the financial growth have leap frogged in quality production with modern equipment and low cost labor for production and closer inspection.

quality systems

Our experience with quality assurance needed for heavy-duty components can be used for other components with relative simplicity. All DBC’s private label manufacturing plants require

  • TS-16949 or QS 9000 certification for consistent quality and documentation
  • Audits by DBC quality team and customer audits
  • Updating quality certification and on-site plant quality monitoring

research and development

Quality processing under internationally certified quality programs coupled with periodic audits to monitor implementation is necessary to produce consistent parts in compliance with the purchase orders. All DBC’s private label manufacturing plants are required to have TS-16949 or QS 9000 certification to conduct operations for consistent quality and documentation. Audits are conducted regularly by DBC quality team and by our customers. All testing required by the purchase specifications are monitored by DBC engineers on site at the manufacturing plant to assure compliance. Design qualification testing is coordinated with the customer to assure parts perform per the design. DBC uses international test facilities to regularly test designs for structural performance, corrosion, thermal cycling and other characteristics as needed such as wear. Performance tests conducted in accordance with approved processes at or near the manufacturing sites provide significant cost and time saving.

DBC’s engineering pursuit for excellence and improving performance keeps us continually focused on R&D to seek better solutions. Recently DBC has been seeking improved life of wear components with the use of ultrasonic peening, cryogenic thermal cycling and others.

total logistical capabilities

Our customers are experts in their core line of business driven by their markets and horizontal integration. Our customers want to move away from manufacturing components and be able to source at prices lower than their internal true manufacturing cost. As a result manufacturing trend is towards offshore where labor is cheaper. Companies with skilled manufacturing labor at lower cost have opportunity to grow and now majority of these companies are offshore. DBC through the use of engineering, manufacturing expertise, management skills has tactfully established outsourcing service with total logistics. Our customers want us to solve their needs so they can serve their own end-product markets. DBC serves the customers with :-

  • Technology and quality needs transfer to offshore plants
  • Manufacturing expertise and quality monitoring for complying with their expectations
  • Testing and design improvements
  • Parts delivered to their door when and where they need them
  • International formalities of paperwork and other inconveniences of shipping, customs duty etc.
  • Inventory management and better float on cash
  • Lower cost parts and year-on-year real price reduction to meet customer goals
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